Meet the new 'Jeopardy' champion who's already 5th on the all-time money list

It’s time to get to know the name Jason Zuffranieri.

He’s a math teacher from Albuquerque, and after winning his 15th straight round of Jeopardy! Thursday night, he’s now in the top-five on the game show’s all-time non-tournament money list with $418,343 in winnings. Sure, that’s an average of $27,889 per game, which doesn’t come close to the $74,000-plus per contest that James Holzhauer won in his 33 games, this is still pretty incredible.

What’s more is he’s creeping up on the all-time consecutive games won list — he’s just four away from the 19 won by David Madden in 2005, the 20 from Julia Collins in 2014, and of course, Holzhauer’s 32. All of those pale in comparison to the Ken Jennings run of 74 straight in 2004. And even when he’s not getting responses right all the time, he’s still winning. That’s all that counts!

Someone thinks he looks like Nic Cage:

We’ll see if he can keep this up in the coming weeks.